Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cat News.

  • The baby birds my mom was talking to grew big enough to fly away so we have peace and quiet again. 
  • My mom is rearranging the living room for the 58th time and our toy baskets are somewhere in space now.
  • My bro is being monitored for his eating and has been switched to canned food. Can you believe this? He eats Elvis' weight in canned food every day and still wants to eat my crunchies.
  • Oh, and we got some new artwork. Is it me, or do these two look familiar?


  1. You all sure have been busy! The art sure looks fabulous!!!

  2. Oh my word, that art is fantastic!
    Is it Angels William and Elliott?
    Izzits, here's hoping the wet food helps you to slim; it did for our Celestial Angel and Chuck.

  3. I LOVE your art.. I feel bad for your brother having to be on a diet. XO

  4. MOL! I love kibble - I could eat it anytime, even if my tummy is full of wet noms!

  5. Poor Izzy. Hope the wet food works for him.You may need to eat faster Ivan or stick Izzy in a room while you eat ;)
    I'm liking the artwork :)
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Love your artwork! Ivan, I think you should start hiding your food from Izzy. ~Ernie

  7. dood....thanx for de tip on how ta get burdz ta fly a way; we izz gonna start ree arrangin de LR...rite now....well, may bee
    knot literull lee rite now....but rite afturr dinner :) ♥ yur art peace total lee rox !!

  8. I LOVE the art! Every room should have members of the family like that, on its walls. Hey, I need a diet really right now. I am up to15 pounds.

  9. You have a wonderful family. :D Be well, my dears.


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