Thursday, December 12, 2013


I got nothin' today.

Maybe by tomorrow something fun will happen.


  1. That happens to me too William. It is raining hard and will be tomorrow too so I don't think anything fun will be happening here. I will have to make my own fun again like I did today when I brought a live mouse indoors and it escaped under the computer desk. That was fun to see mum pulling everything back for me to catch it again.

  2. Some catnip and a nap might just help!

  3. But we get a great picture of you :)
    Tell your Mom it's her duty to make sure you have fun!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  4. Oh, fun is definitely in order. Till then, a nice long nap.

  5. Perhaps the weatherstripping fairy will arrive!

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  7. We hope that something fun happens tomorrow, William. Knocking everything off the desk is always good for a little action here. We get to learn new HBO words that way, too.

  8. Oh no! I've been away with Thanksgiving and holiday distractions and I just learned about Russell's passing. We are just heartbroken. Russell was such a great boy and we always enjoyed seeing Russell and William and how much they loved each other. Mom's first cat had renal failure too. You are all in our thoughts, purrs and prayers.
    --Jasper and family

  9. You got nothin'? You got you, sweet William, and that's plenty. Enjoy every moment.

  10. Why not sneak up on Screamoline and give her a little ear nibble? That should be good for a little action. Or you go find your Mom and have a nice snuggle. Maybe she'd crack open a jar of the good stuff if you asked her real nicely.

  11. William, snuggle with your mom...and make Caroline jealous!

  12. Be careful what you wish for, William. The Universe/gods have a way of giving us what we want...just not in the way we expected!

  13. No wonder you're bored, since you just packed up Caroline and sent her to Spitty - there's no one for you to tease!

  14. you don't have to say anything. we like looking at you anyway.

    emma and buster

  15. Is Screamoline really on her way or are you just tying with me? I bet your Mom wouldn't really let you shove her into a Fed Ex box--right? Sigh. Tell her her LCB would love to see her, though! XOXOXO

  16. Adorei a sua pose! Tenham uma boa semana!

  17. Hey! We posted a little video of me playing with my new gray mousey--rather gently, I must say, because I was kind of distracted by a baff.


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