Thursday, May 02, 2013

Shadow Cat.

I don't know about Russell, but I'm getting a head start on the weekend. I think he's watching out the window for the return of the contractor who's going to do some work for us. When the guy came by today, Russell just had to fall all over him. (You know how my bro is--it's how he got the erroneous name Pretzel after he fell all over some other contractor we had eons ago.) I'm glad we always seem to get folks who are cat lovers, and this one is even owned by a cat! Now, who wants to bet that she will blog tonight about her dad coming home smelling like an alien boy cat? Ha ha ha ha!

Well, have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. We are glad your contractor is a cat lover and owned by a girl that will love your boy smells :)
    We love your snoozy place William. Getting an early start on the weekend sounds so pawsome we are going to join you and do it too!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. I like your sleeping spot, too!!!
    You pick a perfect spot~!!! And it matches you.

  3. Oh Wow! That is pawsome that he likes cats! Wes always seems to meet the ones who hates them. We is just now catching up from our assistant's lack of commenting this week!

  4. Hi William, How can you stand having that shadowy looming presence hovering over you? How can you sleep???

  5. Binga is always ALL over workers who do stuff to my house! The worst was when some guy (not even a worker) came over to give my human a quote on a heating/ AC system. He was allergic to cats, and my human finally had to discuss it with him outside so Binga would stop bothering him and giving him an allergy attack! And yes, she went with that company and no, this guy did not have to do the work.

  6. You have a grate weekend too. We like it when kitteh furendly people come by.

  7. Tenha um bom descanso em sua caixa adorável.
    Bom final de semana.

  8. About attending to my every need: Yeah, not so much. She's gonna get a deficiency notice for sure. She *was* home with me for most of today (it *is* Caturday, after all), so I guess that counts for something. She was watching Game of Thrones tonight instead of playing with me, though.

  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Kitties! Hope you got a Meowgarita or six ;-)

  10. mean there are people who are NOT cat lovers?!

    1. Idk, personally I think people that don't like cats have some sort of mental problem

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