Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Wrap-Up.

Well, another week has gone by. We've still got the feebs, especially with visiting and commenting and stuff. Pee Queen has had a case of the sneezies, kind of entertaining but only if we're watching from far enough away! Thankfully none of us has picked up her cold. Since we haven't had any alien cats over, my mom was probably the inadvertent germ carrier from visits to the cat fix-it place with Olivia.

Olivia finally returned home to us on Tuesday. I hope to help Mom prepare the final resting box for her–we've picked out some glass to cut for a nice little mosaic for the lid.

Have a fun weekend, everybody! And if the leaves are turning where you are, be sure to take a peek. We have a few weeks yet here but it's something we always look forward to!


  1. We are glad that no one picked up that cold. That would not be fun. Purrs to you about the creating the box.

  2. Leo sneezes once in a while, you want to stay out of the way of that too!
    A mosaic sounds like a wonderful lid to Olivia's resting place.

  3. It was shortly after starting to read your blog that your Mom did the kitchen mosaic in your previous house. We think a mosaic lid for Olivia's box is a lovely idea. Purrs for Pee Queen and her sneezes.

  4. Purrs to you all this week - Binga is our cold catcher around here. If there is a cold to be had, she will catch it.

  5. Mom calls Ivy "perma snot"....we try to stay at a distance. :)

    We know you will be lots of help with the box.

  6. Aw, sweet William, Olivia's resting box will be beautiful and built with love! Glad you haven't got sick. That's no fun. Get plenty of kitty nap time just to be sure you stay healthy. :)

  7. Purrs no cat gets any of that cold :)
    A few trees here and there are starting to turn. Our cherry trees simply dropped their leaves :/
    Other than that it is still pretty nice thanks to the unusually warm Summer .
    We send extra purrs as you work on Olivia's mosaic.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  8. Purrs fur efurrybody at your house. What a difficult time it's been fur lots of furriends lately. XOXO

  9. We just now herd 'bout Olivia crossing the bridge. We's SOOO sorry to heer that. Much love to y'all!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  10. Aww, I am sure Olivia's mosaic will be lovely, just as she was. We is still thinking about you lots, and sending Big Purrs (well, I am; the Human is not a very good purr-er). You kids have a good weekend and snuggle up often--Mom too. XOXOXO

  11. I'm sorry for your loss, I know the mosaic will be beautiful.

  12. We hope Pee Queen gets over her sniffles soon.
    The mosaic lid for Olivia's box sounds lovely.
    The maple trees around here are beginning to turn, and the nights are getting crisp.
    Purrs to everyone at your house.

  13. I sure hope nobody there gets a cold.I sneeze effury now and then.
    Sweet Olivia has a loving family who are putting a lotta love in her box. The lid is gonna as lovely as she was.
    xoxo Kassey

  14. Dood, please don't get that cold...that's the kind of cooties Buddah brought with him when he moved in and I still haven't forgiven him for that.

    The mosaic lid sounds wicked cool...very fitting for Olivia :)

  15. William (does anyone ever call you Billy? Cause sometimes I'd sorta like to, just to be chummy, y'know? But maybe you wouldn't approve.)

    ANYTIME you would like to send Screamoline over I'll be MORE than happy to see, uh, HEAR, her. XOXOXO

  16. Yous is looking very dapper (as always) ans that mosaic sounds cool!
    Wes sends yous and your family comforting purrs.

  17. Oh William, colds are no fun. I'm thankful that I haven't had one in many years, especially at my ripe old age. I don't think I'd do too well. Oh, and you are one handsome, handsome man cat!

  18. We know her box will be lovely. She was a dear girl.
    Kitty colds are no fun. Hang in there!
    What Spitty said: As long as we've known you, and that's a long time, you are always William. OR Tiny Boy. But not Billy. Just doesn't fit quite right.

  19. Oh dear! Colds are never fun and we hope you get better!
    Lots of love,
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler
    P.S. we are making a page for rainbow bridge cats and we wanted to know if we could have your permission to put sweet Olivia on there. We miss her!

  20. ZIM'S???? How does your Human know about Zim's??? A furry good friend of the Human's was married to a man who was a Zim's BigWig (well, insofar as they *had* BigWigs, MOL). They got a divorce and the chain collapsed (no cause-and-effect there though) and Zim's is no more and her friend lives in Michigan now.

    Wow. Zim's. Your Mom is Deep, William.

  21. Mum is a bit sniffy but not a real cold. Be well all of you.

  22. We hope this week is going okay for you all, so far. Lots of purrs to your human, especially.

    Our human has her angel Annie's ashes at home, but in truth it's not a comfort, just a sad reminder. We hope it won't be the same for your own human, that she will find comfort in having Olivia's ashes close by.



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