Monday, September 24, 2012

Sneeze-Free Monday.

Well, Pee is pretty much over her cold. Thank Cod. We were all getting a little tired of running for cover every time she started in with her sneezing. I guess all that worked for her, though–-she didn't not eat the whole time she was sick. We all know that if we can't smell food, we won't eat, and trying to get a bit of antihistamine into her would have been out of the question. (She is, paws down, the most outmaneuvering-est of all of us.) So I bet Mom is happiest of all that she's better.

Anyway, we pretty much did the usual this weekend–-playing, napping, snoopervising stuff. Oh, and with my help, the mosaic is coming along. I can't wait for the grout part!


  1. So glad she's better and the sneezing has eeezed..hehe

    Have a good week!


  2. I'm glad PQ is doing better! I had a so-so weekend, too much on-camera time for my liking.

  3. Happy to hear that Pee is better!! Now things can get back to normal.
    The mosaic will be lovely since it will be done under your guidance :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. I'm glad Pee is better. It's no fun to be sneezy all time.

    The Human says Russell looks absolutely 'dorable all squeezy sleepies like that. Eh, whatever. Where's Caroline? is what I say.

    Me, I'm kinda disappointed I can't call you Billy-Boy. Sigh.

  5. We're happy to hear she's better. You two look adorable playin in the floor. Have a happy Tuesday. xoxo

  6. We're glad she's better! Our human gives us the Vetri-Science Lysine treats daily, though she used to give us Lysine powder in our canned. We like getting those "treats," though. Mind you, Lysine's only good for the common kitty cold (Herpes virus), as far as our human knows.

  7. Russell is looking absolutely adorably huggable here...

  8. Well i'm happy she's better too, William. Being sneezy is no fun. You had a good weekend. Good for you guys. :)


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