Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Wrap-Up.

So I have a question, and this has been bugging me all week. You know how our Aunt L was here for a visit? And you know how my mom says I am her favorite favorite favorite boy in the whole universe? Then why didn't I get to go to this place with them, where antennas listen for cats on other planets?

Very Large Array

I bet I could have heard a whole bunch of stuff. Feh.

I guess now I'll have to listen for signals by other means. If I pick anything up, I'll let you know.

Have a fun weekend, everybody!


  1. We agree!!! Who better than a cat to listen for cats??? Our ears are way better than theirs :/
    If we hear anything, we'll let you know too !! Have a fun weekend :)

  2. William, WE don't need antennas to hear cats on other planets. Only humans lack that auditory ability.

  3. Princeton has sum great big frootbats. We bet he could pick us sumthing!

  4. If you keep ur mowf open like that, may those fangs'll pick sumfing up.

    Happy Weekend, Caroline.

  5. I agree, they should have taken you with them. OMC, lookit those fangs!

  6. There is cats in outer space? Wowwie! Perhaps that is where the voices in my head come from....

  7. Tiny Boy, we'll send you one of our tinfoil hats, ASAP.

  8. ha ha - you are a star gazer. Here, we love Prof. Brian Cox, at least our Mum does! He is on TV a lot and talks about the stars... but she knows WE are her STARS! Love Darcy and Bingley xxx

  9. HAHA! What Katnip Lounge said!!
    William, we think cats might be very beneficial to hearing things on the array that humans don't know how to decipher or ever hear! They don't know what they're missing by not having cats there!

  10. Oh no, that's MY window all right, just not my FAVRIT window! Oh no, I was not taken nowhere ::shudder::


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