Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meezer Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline!

I want my mom to clean up this mess but it seems to be getting worse. She says it's a scanning project in process but what has that got to do with me? Where can I sleep while she's doing this? Certainly not in any of my usual desk spots. If a space is not filled with papers, it's covered in equipment!

It makes me very nervous.


  1. Caroline, I hate to tell you, but the mess on your human's desk does not compare with the mess on MY human's desk! You would not just be nervous here, you would be headed for a full-blown breakdown!

  2. Sweetheart. Would you like your Spitty to come over and whap all that crap right onto the floor for you? Which is where it belongs.

  3. We think our mom's desk is much worse than that.

  4. That's a pretty neat mess, Caroline. We thinks you should just lie down on top of it and mash it down a bit. That's the trouble with flat panel monitors; no warm place for a kitty to nap.

  5. Hello Caroline. We have just started reading the WMD blog! We wanted to stop by and say hello to all of you beautiful and handsome cats. Come visit us sometime. I'm Clarissa and I have 14 brofurs and sisfurs!

    Clarissa & CO.

  6. Yous has NO idea what kind of mess my Mommy has on her desk! Me just lays ontop of the most impawtant papers as they is the most comfortable.

  7. Oh man, looks like you guys need to do some Spring cleaning... in winter?? I need to too... crazy how the clutter accumulates so quickly! You don't even know it's happening! Hope you can reclaim your nap spots again soon!


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  8. Aww, Caroline, we don't blame you a bit! There is certainly no comfy space there for you to lie down, which is certainly a misdemeanor, if not a feline-ony.

  9. Your Mom should realize the you need a nice clean spot to sit, Caroline. She needs to get busy and straighten up your space!

  10. So moms being industrious is she?
    Like Spitty said, just whap it to the floor and claim your rightful place.


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