Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Melt Down.

Yes, I am biting on my brother's tail. It's been too hot to chase each other so we're playing the lazy way.

It's even too hot to think of anything to say tonight. So have a great weekend, all! We'll be by the fan in the evenings and at the windows in the mornings (when the smoke has cleared).


    I'm amazed Russell doesn't mind. Cos when one of us does that to another, it's game on!!!

    Purrrrs, KQ

  2. Russell seems to have some sort of black growth on his tail. I think he needs to have it surgically removed.

    My Human said she read today that the wind may be dying down which should help them get control of that awful fire. I am still purring for you & all others affected.

  3. Looks like all that smoke and heat is making you a little crabilated, William!

  4. We had 100 degrees Mon & Tues this week. As we write this its 54 degrees out now!
    Mom shut us in the basement when it was hot. Hang in there guys!

  5. It's super hot here, too! But we don't have any fires. Stay cool and safe!

  6. haha, what a great photo! We hope y'all are able to stay cool.

  7. You may need to patent/trademark this particular play method. We think it'll be a surefire moneymaker.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Well, we finally have the sun,but it could be warmer ;) Maybe we can work a trade,heehee
    We will purr that the smoke goes away so you can all breathe easy :)
    Oh... does tail taste good? heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  9. Seems to me you aren't biting down on it. But guess it's to hot even to do that. We're getting some heat now finally. Mom want's it to stay in the low 80's instead of going into the 90's. Bet she turns on that air conditioner soon. The heater went off not to long ago. Just last week it was in the 60's To hot to soon.


  10. Hi, it's us again! We have tagged Miss Caroline for the Meow Meow Me Me meme, if she wants to play! You can see it here:

    Hope y'all are staying cool!

  11. I've been doing a little catch-up and just saw the disappeared mountains -- yikes! I'm sorry the smoke has you guys laying low and hot. Hopefully you'll be back to normal soon. Maybe your Mom can leave the fridge open for you...

  12. We play lazy like that too - have to conserve energy in the heat!


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