Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Again.

No smoke, but it's hot. This swamp cooler business is completely worthless. Worthless! I wouldn't even subject an alien cat to this!

Oh, and speaking of aliens, you know about that fake meezer next door? Well, this weekend I saw a fake William over there, too. What is up with that? Did we move to Bizarro World or what?

Gosh, this heat is making me cranky. And it's only June! And not only that, my mom rearranged the living room early early yesterday and now we're all discombobulated too.

When will it end?


  1. It just hot here, too!!!!!
    I don't like it!!!

  2. A fake William, a fake Caroline ... the neighbors must be up to something. Or, you're seeing your reflections.

    Hope you get your cooling machine fixed. In the meantime, settle for an extra helping of treats.

  3. You may need to drink a lots of water, my friend. When it's hot here, my mom always used the damp cloth to wipe my body to cool me down. You can ask mommy to do that for you, Mr. William. It might help : )

  4. Do you want to come live with me for awhile? It was foggy here today, William! The high today was 63 & I could use the company.

    I think your Mom needs to buy you a nice big A/C. Swamp cooler? It is to laugh.

    Are you a Seinfeld fan? Cause maybe pretty soon there might be a FAKE MOM in Bizarro World!

  5. It's too hot, you have a swamp cooler and neighbors that are copycats - hmmm, was this move such a good idea?

  6. We could take some of your heat! It's so chilly here this morning that the mom had to leave the windows closed and actually don a jacket to go to work!

    We wish you cooler temps and cheerier moods. :-)

  7. Oh goodness, our mom said she had a swamp cooler when she was growing up in SW Kansas. She said that it's ok if you're sitting right in front of it, but it's not good for really hot days anywhere else in the house! And your neighbors have fake Carolines AND fake Williams?? The nerve!! They need to be investigated, pronto.

  8. We thought swamp coolers only worked when it was cooler out and not so much when it was really hot.

  9. You do look hot! We wondered if black cats got hotter, like black leather car seats in the summer!

  10. Holy Cod. That's more than one tiny boy can take! Come on over, William, and bring Russell, too. Maui wants to play...

  11. so sorry to hear you're in a hot stove out there. it was hot here last nite too and Buster talked Mama into opening the windows; then we got some sleep.

    Emma and Buster

  12. We never heard of a swamp cooler, sounds kinda creepy. Anything to do with zombies?

  13. Come to our place William!!!
    Today it was 10C (50F)!!!!!!
    Mom had to turn the furnace ON for a bit to take the chill off :o
    Summer starts next week, we guess Spring will not be coming to us this year .
    However, we are amazed to hear about a fake William and a fake meezer!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!! Be careful William!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia


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