Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meezer Wednesday.

It's me, Caroline!

And I'm not saying a thing about the other night until my AFM* union lawyer is here.

*American Federation of Meezers


  1. Hi Beautiful, You don't **look** any worse for the wear.

    But who will tell us teh real, inside story?

    Maybe William, tomorrow?

  2. We're taking up a collection to help pay your fees...and Cod forbid, bail you out if you need it!
    Obviously, you were framed.

  3. We'll match the funds raised by the Katnip Lounge cats for your defense, Miss Caroline!

  4. MOL...Caroline,Are you really serious about lawyer?
    I guess you are kidding because I can see you are smile : )
    Have a great day

  5. I wish I had known this yesterday - my human was off at some lecture, listening to some lawyer talk. She could have collared him after the class and asked him to rep you.

  6. Mom works for lawyers, but we don't think bankruptcy knowledge is going to help you in this case!!! Good luck....

  7. You need not speak about the other night. It's obvious you were provoked, and acted accordingly to protect yourself.

    As your attorney from the Meezer World Domination, I will serve to protect your interests should legal proceedings arise from this unfortunate incident.

    Egypt, Esq.

  8. Oh my Darling Caroline! I think the Great Brawl of 2011 might have caused the Blogger Blunders! Have you lawyered up yet, or are you gonna spill the details?

  9. Caroline, you need not talk because you're a meezer and we know meezers run the world.

  10. Hi everybody! We're catching up on our friends since mom had to leave to help gramma and we couldn't visit our friends!
    Holy cats! That was some wild kind of alien takeover at your house!

  11. Good idea. Iffen the Mom was hurt, best not to admit ANNYTHING!


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