Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Wrap-Up.

Well, I haven't seen that roadrunner in days. I told you it was a fake gift!

I think my mom better come across with some baby food. And after all this stupid old house business is done, I better get some fun stuff, too.

Well, happy weekend, everybody! I'm going to catch up on my naps, mom or no mom.


  1. We thought the road runner was a bust. Maybe you can talk your Mom into like, 746 jars of Gerbers!

  2. Oh, William! You are simply breathtakingly handsome by the red couch!

    If only Kate had seen YOU instead of that other William.

  3. Some good treats are definitely in order to make up for that fake gift.

  4. Meep Meep! That is totally uncool of her to get you a fake gift. I was hoping for a bunny of my own for Easter, but I'm happy with my fresh nip bag. I think your mommy needs to get you TWO nip bags to make up for the non gift.

    Sorry your mommy is so busy. I know the feeling. I'm just glad we're getting to visit around now.

    I hope you're having nice weather and at least have some sunbeams to nap or no mom

  5. Hey, that lamp on the short shelf looks like it could "fall over" REAL easy... Enjoy the weekend!

  6. So!!!! Did you get the baby food!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. William looks so familiar!! But that Russell is a real looker! Anyway, we wanted to stop by and say hello as we've just launched our own cat blog and love meeting other cat people. We'd be honored if you'd stop by and say hello at:

    Take care of your hungry and (seemingly) less and less patient but beautiful kitties! We hope to hear from you!!


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