Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Less Is Better.

So we helped my mom box up some more stuff for the giant yard sale the cat rescue group she supports is having this summer. This was important work for us because we had to inspect a lot of stuff for toy-ability and make sure something we might want didn't get packed up. Well, everything passed, so she made another run to their temporary storage unit this evening. We napped.

I think she might have one more to do. And do you know what she told us tonight? The rescue group would be more than delighted to take our wide selection of gently used litter boxes because there were cats in the world who would appreciate them! I mean, we tried to appreciate them. Was it our fault that they were unbelievably fun to kick 20 pounds of litter out of, or that the openings weren't quite high enough to contain other things, or that the little Pee Queen wouldn't step paw in one or the other because she's a little princess pee queen?

Well, at least we've settled back to the type we're used to and Mom has quit changing things every three seconds. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if we changed our moms' and dads' toilets every other week?


  1. I hear you bro, on the litter box thing. My mom is currently trying out dishpans as litterboxes. Not as big as regular litterboxes, but much deeper! We've also got about 40 kinds of litter, clay, corn, recycled paper, pine pellets, etc... Moms!

    We hope the sale makes lots of money for the sad kitties. Yard sales are fun, both to donate to, and to shop at!

  2. My silly brother Madison refused to use a box unless it was brand new and unused by another kitty! But for some reason he'll share with Cecilia. We're still talking about it!

  3. The Big Thing usta bring old toys ta the shelter, but with Iza bein new and all, she loves alla them. But inna year, there will be stuff ta pass along.

    An she eats ANNYTHING, so there is no unwanted flavors of food either yet.

    LC and Ayla

  4. Sounds like you had a litterbox museum. But, kicking 20 pounds of litter out of the box is lots of fun.

  5. We've got extra litterboxes hanging around for the same reason. You just gave us a great idea - donating them is perfect!

    Happy Wednesday to you guys!


  6. Now that you got rid of lots of stuff,it's an excuse to get more stuff!!! hahaha
    For cats ,naturally ;)
    Sorry about the car William :/
    Look on the bright side, you will stand out and really look good in it!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  7. It's very nice of you to share your toys with the other cats for their fund-raiser (and your litter boxes, too). Mom and Dad have a William-colored car, and although they do like it, it does get hot and shows every bit of dirt. (Sorry, I was just informed that it is a Huggy Bear-colored car). Can't wait to see the new car!

    (Batteries to wireless keyboard died in mid-comment, so I totally lost my train of thought... yikes!)

  8. What a great idea to have a yard sale for the rescue group!!


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