Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Wrap-Up.

Well. The wind started to blow late last night and was still at it this morning so my mom had to wait for that to stop before going out to paint. So while she waited I helped her change out the curtains in the den. That was pretty fun. And then I helped her do some laundry. Then something really exciting happened. Water and stuff started to come out of the tub and shower drains! Somehow Mom wasn't nearly as thrilled as we were. Roto Rooter time!

Anyway, Mom got a late start on the house but she did make it in to nap with us, so it worked!

Have a great weekend, everybody! (Oh, and no, we're not doing the house in Russell orange, no matter how much he wanted it.)


  1. Well I am glad you all got to help her nap. That's my favorite thing to help with.

  2. I'm sure she's picked a color that will complement all five of you. I hope the weather and drains cooperate so your Mom can get everything done and still get her naps in.

  3. That does sound exciting. It's cool that you help with laundry and curtains, we just help cover those things in fur best we can. have a good weekend too.

  4. I hope the color she picked compliments all your furs, but of course House Panther black goes with everything.

    Hey, do you think the Roto-Rooter guys will be the ones from TV that hunt ghosts? That would be cool!

    Hey Gracie, my mommy would totally give you treats if you made that face at her. She is easy that way. If you're ever hungry, come over here and do that.

  5. Helping with the laundry is fun, but napping with your mum is even better.
    We have tagged you. Info is on today's post (Saturday)

  6. I hope the weather and drains cooperate now and let your Mom get her work done in time to let her nap with you every day.

  7. How's the painting going now? Time for an update!

  8. Ooh, we wouldnt like water coming UP from the drains at all!


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