Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We continue to wait for the claims adjuster for the Russell-colored car. It makes us sad to keep looking at it even if the tree bits have all been cleaned up and taken away. So I've been thinking in between looking at that and napping. I want to get that car with the hamsters because I think they come standard. Even if the hamsters don't come standard I'm sure I could totally do that chin thing and tap my paw to the music just like them. Can you see me and Mom in the front and Russell Bustle, Kangaroo Girl, Screamy and the Pee Queen groovin' in the back seat? I'm thinking ROAD TRIP! Aunt L, get the litter boxes ready, we'll be there in twelve hours!

But Mom says we have to keep waiting and not to get too carried away with stuff.

In the meantime, today I noticed Mom left the extra-precautionary bungee cord off the knobs of the under sink cupboard doors. I got the kid-proof latch open just enough to reach the rubber gloves! I bit on the fingers. That was a lot of fun. (Don't worry, I never eat them, I just bite on them or bite pieces off them.) I got one of those "Oh, William" sighs. Well, I needed something to distract me.

I guess I shouldn't be doing stuff like that if I want the hamster car.


  1. YES!!!
    William, you TOTALLY have to get the hamster car!

  2. Oh my, its got soul, you gotta have it.

  3. You guys definitely have Soul, and I bet it comes in Russell color. I like chewing on stuff too, but usually it's plastic bags (which we don't have many of anymore with re-usable bags -- thanks enviro-Mom). But rubber gloves do sound good ... I think I saw some in the garage! Good luck with the car.

  4. The hampster car would be coool. We hope that you get it.

  5. I love that Hamcar. But I really liked your Russellcar, too. So sad what happened to it. But no matter what you get, I would love to see all of you chillin' in it. That would be the best.picture.EVER. :)

  6. That hampster car looks kinda neat!!!
    You would look SO good in it too ;)
    Mom uses bungie cords too !! That's because Tillie likes to get in the cupboards and chew holes in the bread bags!!! Silly girl!
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Yes, a hamster car would be very cool! I don't think the hamsters come as standard though... Perhaps they're optional extras?

    I'm giving you an award but wait a while before collecting it coz I haven't finished the postie yet! :) xxx

  8. Of course, if you took a road trip, you'd be riding "shotgun" William.

  9. One of those hamster cars would totally rock.

    I'm super jealous of the rubber gloves. I would definitely nom nom nom on those. The Mom says that our house is a lot greener (whatever that means) since I came to live there b/c we can't have plastic, rubber, or latex in the house. It's a total drag. Those latex squeaky dawg toys are super yummy.



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