Sunday, February 03, 2008

Easy Like Sunday.

Today we are waiting and watching for the storm, due in any minute and expected to make a mess of things for a few days. I sure hope this doesn't get in the way of my Mardi Gras plans!

In the meantime, it's Shilgiah's mom's birthday today, so everybody go over and say hi!


  1. We are just getting over two weeks of storms. I'm happy to finally have some SUN!

  2. Hey buddy--I hope the storm isn't too bad!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  3. I live in William's town and I haven't seen the storm yet. The weather people wave a lot on the TV but I don't think that has anything to do with storms. Maybe if they wave a lot that'll bring storms?


  4. Hi William,
    Mom says to tell your whole family thank you for wishing her a Happy Birthday. She had a great time skiing with her niece and nephew. We had fun with the niece and nephew too as they stayed at our place at night. Mom's home today recuperating from the fun.

  5. I see you watching it very intently. I am sure your humans are relieved to have you there keeping an eye out.

  6. A storm! Stay safewy home Wiwwiam!

  7. I wonder what you have planned for Mardi Gras???
    We have storms here too and they move around all the carpets and chair cushions outside. And it is raining and we stay in all day long!


Wowee meowee.