Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So who's fluent in Kangaroo Girl?


  1. I do that when I am thinking about washing my face but someone interrupts me.


  2. What a pretty tortie. Where did you find her?

    We stopped by to meet you. We kind of like your blog. Reminds us of home - mass destruction, according to Jan.

    jans funny farm

  3. I'm thinking "leave me alone," but she has her tongue sticking out a bit. That means it could be "leave me alone 'cause I'm going to puke" or "ewww did you fart?"

  4. I think it sounds like "Phfffffft" and means what monkee said or else it means "help my tongue is stuck"!

    I agree with you William about mom's getting crabilated in the night. Nighttime is the best for playing noisy games. Maybe we should buy our moms ear plugs if they are so sensitive to nighttime noises from us!

  5. she is so pretty! for the benefit of us newbies, why is she called kangaroo girl?

    we love your blog, william, & think you are way handsome. (russell's not too bad, too.) (and, in all fairness, we must mention your other sister is beautiful, too.)

    one of these days maybe our mom will get her act together & start a blog for us, too. we kitties already know how to use a 'puter & we have lots to say......

    your friends, prez & kittery

  6. Maybe your mom should handle talking to Caroline. You know, girl to girl talk.

  7. The photo of Caroline reminds me of a famous painting and now it's going to bug me all day till I remember...

  8. I think she's saying "Mom, put that flashy box down and give me foooooood!!!" :) xxx


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