Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday's End.

So our long weekend is over. I didn't even get one nap with my mom...she was doing house repairy stuff and she can't snooze during that. Of course, now she's tired.

But despite my practically wasted weekend, I have to thank Parker, who gave me another "You Make My Day" award...for making her mom snort coffee out of her nose! Ha ha ha! Maybe I should send Parker a shower cap!


  1. That sounds like your mom had her priorities wrong! Such a waste!


  2. what!?! No sleep time with yoo!?! This is horribul. Yer lady is in big trubbul!

  3. why don't beans realize that time off means not working?

  4. She didn't take even one nap??? Sounds like a wasted holiday to us.

  5. I had to go see what made your mom snort coffee out her nose! That is very funny. Hope the coffee wasn't too hot!

  6. Hey,I like the shower cap idea, hahaha!!
    I know what you mean.Now that it's a"new year' Mom wants to 'organize'
    So far it looks like it will take a year.
    Purrs Mickey

  7. William, you look a little sad, although I can't see your face, but I think sad comes to mind when I look at this picher.



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