Monday, November 19, 2007

Seven Of Us.

Sammy and Miles tagged us for the 7 Random or Weird Facts meme, so I thought Russell and I could do that tonight.

  1. The first time my mom saw me I was way way up in a tree. I was kinda scared being up there, too, because I was pretty little.
  2. I used to really really love chew sticks but not so much any more.
  3. I have a very quiet purr.
  4. I have a little tiny patch of white on my belly.
  5. My cat mom was a torti, so I have those torti genes.
  6. I don't like milk or cream but I like an occasional taste of yogurt.
  7. I don't mind dancing with my mom.

  1. I don't like kids.
  2. I have very long toes on my back feet.
  3. I let my mom tickle my belly button, at least for a little while.
  4. I usually stand right outside the cat box when someone is in there so I can harass them when they come out! (William says that's not very nice and I shouldn't do that.)
  5. I used to push my brother and sisters away from their dishes at dinner but I've learned to wait politely until they're done. Then I eat whatever is left.
  6. I really don't like to be picked up.
  7. Sometimes when I'm alone in a room I talk to myself. I guess I'm still pretty excited with having a whole house to live in.
We'll conclude tomorrow with Olivia and Caroline. They needed more time to think about their seven things and we had to play.

Now with Tail Action!


  1. Hello Russel, this is Emil!
    I came into a house with two adults too - and now I try and get the upper hand! I gave you an award! And I am with you on 1. and 2. and 3. and 4. and 5. and 6. but 7. I only do when I have an audience!
    Your Emil

  2. Russell I don't like to be picked up either. Must be a ginger cat thing.

  3. Oh, Momma says to tell you that you guys look so cute and sweet like that and she wishes we would interact and have better attitudes (I think she was referring to me) toward each ofurr.


  4. William and Russell, those is some great things! I like to wander around empty room and holler too Russell! - Miles

  5. William, I never knew you had a little tortietude in you! Good for you! Russell sounds as if he is learning the house rules fairly well.

  6. Those are neat things about you guys.

    William, I like dancing with my Momma, too. EG hates it. hee hee

    Russell, sometimes kitties need their privacy when using the litterbox. You might not want to ambush them when they exit.


  7. I'm with you on #3 and #6, Russell. But Wm. is right about #4. We all appreciate a little privacy when we're attending to personal matters.

    Max S.

  8. I hate being picked up as well.

    I love that show of you two. I wish I had someone to wrastle with like that!

  9. Very interesting facts about you and Russell. It is good that Russell is learning the rules of your house, specially the litterbox one. We do not like being picked up either but sometimes mom does it anyway.

  10. Oh no! William does Russell have RTS like Caroline?

  11. What a cute picture of you two!!!
    Hey William! Dad replaced the weatherstripping on the door, but he wouldn't let me chew it. Darn! -Scooby

  12. Hahahaha at Russell's #4,but it is not nice.
    Funny Georgia is a tortie and Tillie is black,I wonder if there is a relation.My sisters are quite a bit younger than me.They are also littermates.

  13. Orange an Black an White, oh my!

    We loved both of yer 7 things...

    Russell, we wrote a story about yer experience. It's for you. If you wanna keep it, change it, whatever, it is YOURS...

  14. we didn't know yer Mom was torti William, that is furry interesting.

    Russell you haf a belly button?????

    ~The Fluffy Tribe


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