Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seven Of Them.

Here are Olivia's and Caroline's lists of the 7 very very extremely weird girl things:

  1. My true and secret name is really Charlotte but I was too sick when I first got home to tell my mom.
  2. Still, I answer to Olivia. I just translate it to Charlotte in my head, so it all works out.
  3. My feet are speckly on the fur side and pink and grey on the toe side. I don't like anyone to touch them.
  4. I really don't like being petted anywhere but on my head.
  5. I love sleeping on my mom and I don't very much like to share her. I'll let Caroline sleep on another part of Mom but only if I have my back turned and don't have to see her there.
  6. When Mom works on the computer, I curl up on the desk between her and the keyboard.
  7. I do not want to discuss my kangaroo.

  1. When I want a hug and Mom is sitting nearby, I'll walk up her shoulder to make it easy for her.
  2. I love to dance. I just hang on while Mom leads. My favorite at the moment is "Breakfast Machine." That comes from Caroline's Big Adventure.
  3. I like to talk and pick the carpet outside Mom's door at night, just to let her know I'm close by. This makes her feel like royalty. (I'm pretty sure she's secretly related to the King of Spain, since she frequently responds with something like "Shut up.")
  4. In the mornings she and I always have a little hug and chat before she gets dressed. I tell her what I'm going to do while she's out hunting.
  5. I can't help but scare William's bird buds away but they don't understand my kind of friendly.
  6. I love to eat spiders. And moths.
  7. I invented Thanksgiving.

See? Told you they were very very extremely weird. Girls!


  1. Yup,they are wierd,but they are girls,right? I think my sisters are wierd too.
    Olivia sounds like she likes to keep to herself or be with yer Mom.
    Mom likes that Caroline eats spiders because she hates them.
    (They scare her,heehee)

  2. Wow! Caroline you invented Thanksgiving?! I'm so impressed!

    You'll have to tell me how you did it. I'd like to invent a holiday.

  3. Not weird ... creative ... an' interesting.


  4. You two kitty girls are pretty cool. I think so anyway.
    We are glad that you invented THG Caroline. great idea!

  5. William, I feel your pain. I have two sisters who also are weird.

    Your pal,

  6. william

    You know how girls are...

    Ping and jinx

  7. I think girls are goofy too. Maybe we need to have a He-ManCat Woman Haters' Club. Except the moms can come, cause ya know, they might bring treats.

  8. Mom says shes never had a girl kitty. Maybe it's just as well.

  9. awsome!!!! Caroline, thank you for inventing thanksgiving! turkey is great!

  10. I am amazed, I didn't realise Caroline invented Thanksgiving. FAZ

  11. You girls are something else! Must not be easy for William sometimes...
    I laughed my fur off about Olivia's #7...
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your friend Karl

  12. wow Caroline invented Fangsgiving? wow.

    and Olivia (charlotte) we luvs yer kangaroo stories, but we won't mention them anymores if you dont want

    Happy Fangsgiving to you all
    ~The Fluffy Tribe

  13. Well, I'm a girl an' I don't fink they're weird! Happy Fanksgivin'!

  14. Oh, love those lists.

    William, you look like a panther!!



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