Monday, November 05, 2007


First off, dinner was late because of the "time change." We don't need no stinkin' clock to tell us when we need to eat. And not only that, but Mom said we couldn't have dinner until we had a manicure! Well, here's how that went down:
My brother is such a baby. We nearly missed dinner altogether!

Mom said she meant to do toes over the weekend but didn't get around to it. But I think maybe we had to go through that because I took up Anastasia’s last Dare: I Dare You All to Dress Up Your Staff. This is kinda blurry because Mom WOULDN'T STAY STILL.

She tried to make me wear the orca nose once.
It's lucky I'm too tiny a boy for it.


  1. Hahahahaha - GOOD ONE!!!!
    That'll teach her! She sure looks silly with the Orca nose - I am glad you never had to wear that thing!
    Good job, William, Anastasia would have been proud of you!!!
    Thank you sooo much for accepting the challenge, I really appreciate it. And remember, Friday and Saturday we will all vote on viewer's favorite!
    Great job!
    Your friend Karl

  2. That is revenge, William!! :)

    Friendly headbutt,

  3. That is the perfect revenge! HEH HEH HEH...

  4. That's a very funny nose!!

    I'm glad YOU didn't have to wear it though!


  5. Oh I forgot! I saw that you gave me a I heart your blog award!!

    Thank you!


  6. Haha - that's very funny! Good for your mom!

  7. Momma said no way to dressing up. She says she is way too old! I think she is the oldest Momma on the cat blogosphere.

    You are a good tiny boy to get such a good grade. Precious used to get F- too, but she is up to a D now. Mittens and I are in the Aish area, depending on how long it takes Momma.


  8. Pawdicures can be such a hassle. I'm glad you finally got dinner. The time changes are hard on kitties. That's a great nose on your Mom. You are very lucky to be such a tiny boy that you didn't have to wear it.

  9. Your mom's a really good sport to let you dress her up in the Orca nose. What a fun mom you have...except for the pedicures.

  10. The orca nose is so funny William! We are glad you got an A+ on your manicure. Too bad that Caroline and Russell did not do better.

  11. Hahahahaha, this is a great one~!!
    I am laughing all the way~!!!!

    Your mommy awesome~!

  12. You should not have to comply to this kind of blackmail to get your dinner.
    But if it comes down to claw trimming or nothing.....
    hahahaha you mom looks very orca-ish!

  13. Your mom looks cute with the funny Orca nose! This has been a fun dare.

    Too bad Russell failed his manicure. I usually get a B+ (because I get extra credit for letting her clean my ears, too).

  14. MOL!! Your mommy looks really cute with da orca nose...I can't believe she tried to make you wear it!

    Anyways, thanks for being there for mommy during this tough time. Mommy was comforted seeing you coz you are a black cat like Missy.


  15. I don't know William, I think the orca nose would look better on you, it's to small for your Mom. Although she's pretty game for posing with it on and having a picture taken of her like that. Thanks for stopping by for a visit now Mom can put you on our link list. She lost all of them awhile back.


  16. hehe! Your mom's a good sport! My mom wore her Halloween apron for Halloween, but that's about it!

  17. Your Mom looks very cute with an itty bitty Orca on her nose! All 4 of us flunk our clippy claws. Every. Single. Time.

  18. Wm., everyone knows you're the best tiny boy and you deserve that A+. But poor did he get less than an F in "Manicure"?!

  19. Maincures ... no way!!!

    Your momma looks cute with the orca nose.

  20. See, we can't even spell "manicures" properly! That's how scary they are.

  21. This was such a great dare! Your mom looks very cute with her orca nose!

    Maggie is the best in our house about getting manicures. Huggy Bear cries like a little baby!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat


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