Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching Up.

So my bro got this neat "You Make Me Smile" award from Emil of The Cat Realm. Russell says THANKS! Me, too. Everybody's made him feel very welcome.

And in the meantime, we're still thinking lots about what we're going to put in our Box of Life (from the lovely Miss Peach).

"If we had more Parmesan fish, we could put those in there."


  1. I think boxes are for playing and climbing in, that is what I think.

    I think Russell would be fun to play with. I try boxing with Patches, but she always gets tired of my games.


  2. Oah....William, Congratulations for your smile award~!!! Everytime I click your blog to watch, I really do have lots of smile, because seeing you is very happy thing for me~!!!

    And certainly look forward to your box of life meme :)

  3. Concatulations Russell! You are very deserving of that awardie.

  4. Concatyoolayshuns Russell. By the way, I fink we look a lot alike.

  5. humans always make us late. Geesh.....

    Glad to see you all here and you are so very very loved. Purrs and Kisses

    Scritches from us! HUGS


Wowee meowee.