Sunday, September 23, 2007

We Are All Trolls Today.

My mom dreaded calling the other side of the earth about the DSL. Sure enough, when she finally called, she waited in the queue for a hundred years and about ten minutes into the conversation with the tech got cut off. Did the tech call back? No. Did Mom? No. She got a little trollish because she wasn't in the mood to wait in the queue again. At any rate, she thinks the modem is fried and that's the problem. Getting this across to AT&T is the trick.

I think this whole broken DSL avoidance is the reason Mom went out and came back with a box with something in it. And we are trolls because I am CERTAIN THIS THING IS A CAT OF SOME SORT. Olivia went into hiding, Caroline was cautious but curious and I just got extra-trollified and hissed and spit at my mom.

When is the world going to be right again??


  1. My Meowmie and I can totally relate to waiting in tooooo many phone queues this week. It makes my Meowmie crazy!!!! Thankfully, the big black box is now up and running, thanks to the little silver box and lots of cords. Oh yeah, and Meowmie figured out a thing or two herself and got off the phone earlier than expected.

    Will await more 'intruder' appears Big Orange Guy over here is here to STAY!

  2. Uh Oh. A new kittycat?! I am excited about this. I love meeting new kitties. I hope you like the new one.

  3. Maybe after the harvest moon tomorrow all will be well.

  4. hmmm, that does sound suspicious. Baby Jake mews all the time. Is your box mewing? Does it stink? Baby Jake doesn't stink at all, but I pretend he does so I can hiss at him.

  5. I hope your DSL starts working again. My human hated working with the techs when she was trying to get her cable straightened out...

  6. There's nothing worse, my mom says, than trying to talk to technicians. We're sending you good luck wishes that things will be right soon!

  7. Oooh what can be in the box???
    Mum hates it when she has to ring AOL teknishuns cuz they are in India and she duzn't allus unnerstand what they're saying, then they keep telling her to do what she's already done.

  8. What or who do you think is in the box? Maybe it is a part for the broken DSL. Mom says online technicicans are useless and it is stressful to wait for jillions of minutes and then the problem is still there.

    We fixed our innernet problems with a wireless card. Would that help your mom?

  9. Dear William, your Mum has my deepest sympathy, I had similar problems and had to spend zillions of pounds on the very expensive helpline, only to find out that the problem was their end (but they didn't tell me that at the time, ggggrrrrrrr!). So that may be the answer. Let's hope so, shame if your modem was fried.

    Maybe the box contains a new modem... but wouldn't it be more exciting if it was a new brofur or sisfur?! Can't wait for the next instalment:)

  10. William

    We hopes yu can help your Momma find the DSL again...
    Purrs and Snuggles

  11. Oh wow ... a box full of surprises. I hope you get your DSL back up in time to tell us what it is!

  12. Did you find out what's in the box yet? We're having computer problems, too, but Momma thinks it might be because someone chewed on the cable. I don't know who on earth would have done that. Not me. Nope.



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