Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's Us Again, The Flamingos.

Tony and Carmela here again. After getting by on scattered bird seed (somebody actually eats this stuff??), we decided to get out and do something fun. Actually, we got our wings on some wheels so we went for a drive.

We went up to the foothills. This is Albuquerque Open Space. You probably can't read what's on the sign but there are several rules, and thankfully one about keeping dogs on leashes at all times. That was a relief. We really wanted to stretch our legs, and without being harangued.

No rules against flamingos.

After a nice long hike we decided to get a treat so we went on over to the Dairy Queen. We just love those Heath Blizzards.

Much better than bird seed.

This is the most fun we've ever had! We're beginning to like this blog-sitting gig.


  1. Wowww, you two even could have a drive~!

    How nice~~

  2. Hi Tony and Carmela, nice to meet you. Pls say hi to William for us, we miss him.

    ~Donny and Marie

  3. wow flamingos can get driver's licenses in New Mexico? That's awsome!!

  4. We have never heard of flamingos with drivers licenses but we are glad you finally found something to eat.

  5. Hahahahahah! You crazy Flamingos went for a drive! That's very funny.

  6. oh yeah, dairy queen is the best. hey, how did you get the key to turn in the ignition? that has always been my downfall...
    i'm glad you aren't hungry anymore!

  7. Hi Tony & Carmela! My mom & dad have been to Albuquerque, but mostly other places in NM. They even met the Aliums in Roswell. We're glad you got a DQ. Say hi to our buds.

  8. we didn't know that flamigos can drive, wow ~the Fluffy Tribe

  9. Uh oh, Mom says Dairy Queen blizzards go straight to the hips. Maybe that's not important in your case, since I don't think flamingos have hips.

    It sure has been fun following your adventures, but we'll be glad to have Wm. back.

  10. I love William. There is no other fur person like him (except for my babies). However, I think you flamingoes are a hoot! Kathy in KY


Wowee meowee.