Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Us Again, The Flamingos.

Tony and Carmela here. Wow, not only are we famished, it's hard typing with our beaks. But I thought we should peck out a note before we have to take drastic action about the food situation.

We come from Massachusetts. I think some of you guessed this. Yeah, it's sad what happened to our family. The only good thing is there must be tens of thousands of us scattered all over the country and we're all related! I recently read where somebody else will be hatching more of us, but it just won't be the same. Oh well. Better than going completely extinct, I guess.

Well, that's about it for now. We'll peck at you later.

I wonder if there's a seafood place around here...


  1. Hope you find food or you will be keeled over in the nezt post!!!!

  2. we will send you a seafood pizza if you want.

  3. Dear William,

    We are still here waiting for your sending address, please come here and email to michico your sending address.

    The postcard you choice we have already printed to postcard and ready to sent it for you.

    Please come to see.


  4. Hi Tony and Carmella! The patio looks like a very fun place to hang out. There are sea food places not too far away. But how do you feel about Chinese there are a couple of those in walking distance I think.

  5. We guess that you could not open the refrigerator or stinky goodness cabinet. Mom says that the grocery store has lotsa fish.

  6. hi! want to telyport over here? we have crab legs in the freezer!

    will you let william know when he gets back that i gave him an award. he can see it on my blog post today, sept. 7th

  7. Hello Tony and Carmela. Would you please tell William: WMD! I love your Name! Sometimes Mama calls me one of those too. I think we can be good friends. (I just saw you got an award from Mr. H too.)
    Stop by and visit some time when you get back.

    Peach Man

  8. I hope you get some foods soon. You do look a little bit hungry.

  9. Hi Tony 7 Carmela, Yeah my mom is still pretty upset about your extinction. I think she wanted to stockpile a bunch of your relatives in the garage, but Dad wouldn't let her. In the meantime, there are 3 of your family in our backyard, but I don't know thier names.

  10. Nice to meet you, Tony and Carmela! You're so pretty & pink - I hope you find some seafood soon!

  11. Hi flamingoes! Well done for typing with your beaks. Does William have a pond where you could fish? Or could you eat plants?

    I'm British so I don't really understand what everyone's saying about flamingoes being extinct, I think it must be a Mericky cultural reference...

  12. I can share my temptations.


Wowee meowee.