Monday, May 21, 2007

Public Cat Announcement.

So you know me. I don't usually get on a soapbox unless it has to do with getting into the cupboard under the kitchen sink. But my mom came across this aggregated news link today that she thought was important enough for me to tell you about, because really, this goes way beyond tainted pet food and everybody needs to be aware and careful.
Tainted food articles
P.S. Tell your moms or dads that they should probably not be eating or thinking about eating or just finishing eating when they read some of these because they might yak, and who's going to clean that up?


  1. Mums says it might be time to grow our own. Not that we have all that kind of time. Or buy local stuff.

  2. Thanks, Wm., for passing this along - we need to know although we might not like it.

  3. Fanks William. Mommy is only going to try and gets organic meats and veggies from the healf food store, and no more processed foods. she says it's healfier anyway

  4. Thanks for the info William!

    I tagged you.


  5. Thanks for the great PSA William! Its very upsetting, but needs to be told.


  6. Yeah William

    This is really upsetting but we still need to know.


  7. There must be a cosmic connection, or may be we think alike. Certainly, food for thought.

  8. My human tries to get involved in good food practices whenever possible. This is just the tip of the iceberg, she says. There is so much more that's horrible in the food supply and it's terrible about what is going on.


Wowee meowee.