Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was tagged by Precious Flower of the Big Piney Woods Cats to list my favorite things. So here they are!
Time Of Day: When my mom gets home!
Day Of The Week: Saturday, I guess. It's the mom-nappiest.
Season Of The Year: Winter. I can cuddle under the comforter with my mom.
Holiday: My birthday!
Beaches: Mom says I should say Misquamicut even though I've never been there. She says I would like it though–lots of sand to kick all over the place and no one would notice.
Song: Walking in a William Wonderland.
Flower: I don't really know. We can't have any because somebody eats them.
Talk Show: I like to listen to the radio, so if someone is talking to us, does that count? Then I'd probably have to say This American Life. I'm pretty sure Ira Glass would like to do a story about me some day, too. He sounds like a very nice man.
Movie: The Lion King.
Soaps: I don't watch TV all that much.
Beverage: Water.
Fruit: Chicken.
Snack: Chicken.
Food: Chicken.
Restaurant: I've never actually been to one, but on the rare occasions when Mom gets fast food, I like Arby's. Once she got a roast beef sandwich just for us, mainly so she could eat in peace. That was fun.
I was feeling kinda orange-y tonight.


  1. You are wise to avoid television, William. It's still a vast wasteland. Better to go on the web and meet interesting cats!

  2. Arby's eh? I'll have to get my folks to do that, it sounds yummy!

  3. Hi William. Wow! You gots your own roast beest samwich? Maybe we gotta pester mom more and she'll get us our own samwich.

  4. orange is a good color for you William. We like your answers. a whole arby's just for you? WOW

  5. Hahahaha, "William Wonderland", hahahaha!

  6. Oh, I had the lyrics to that song all wrong. Thanks for clearing that up!

  7. I like your song, Wm.! Hey, is chicken a fruit?

  8. Oh, we would like the words to that song!

    Thanks for doing my meme. I hope you don't turn orangy, I luvs you black. Momma thinks you are mysterious looking!



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