Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Turn But Me First.

William said for the next two nights Olivia and I can blog. Because we got tagged, too! I got two tags (KoKo of the Poiland Tribe and Shilgiah) and Olivia got one (Shilgiah), so I'm going first.

Everybody knows the rules already, so I'm just going to list my Seven Random Facts.
  1. I was living in the city shelter when my mom finally showed up. They'd just made up a name for me and called me "Sinatra." How dumb is that?
  2. I talk a whole lot and I use my outdoor voice quite often. I'm pretty sure Mom heard me yelling for her from the shelter.
  3. When Mom gets home from hunting and calls "Hi, boys!" even though really there's only William now, I come running. Maybe because I was gender-confused at a particularly tenuous time of my life, kinda like the Stockholm Syndrome. See #1.
  4. I fall right over onto the floor when I want to stretch or play, sometimes knocking the breath out of myself.
  5. Olivia and I don't get along. I'm kind of scared of her kangaroo.
  6. I like to gallop through the house. ALL THE TIME.
  7. I love to have my footies massaged and I spread my toes out as far as I can. Unless it's a ploy to clip my toenails. Then I scream real loud and get impossibly squirmy.

Angelic. Well, sometimes.


  1. I talk a lot as well. I use my indoor voice, except when I want to go outside. Then I use my outside voice. Makes sense, don't you think?

  2. don't be afraid of that kangaroo (i think it's imaginary anyway.....)

  3. Dear Caroline,

    You are very very purrty in the picture. What do you have to say about biting William's ears? We have heard about that a lot!


  4. HaHaHa - Heard you from the shelter! Maybe she did!

  5. What beautiful blue eyes you have, sweet Caroline!

  6. We see you are up on the counter by your favorite ceramic chickens!
    You are right, Sinatra just doesn't fit you. And if you say it fast it sounds like "snot ra". Ick.

  7. hahaha Caroline - I use my outdoor hollerin' voice all the time too!
    And Sammy loves to haf his toes massaged. Must be Meezer fings!

  8. we bet you are Ko ko would haf one heck of a loud talkin time if you efer met. We luv yer pretty eyes to Caroline ~poiland tribe

  9. Caroline you are so very pretty. You like to have your toes massaged, how interesting. I always think mom's gonna clip my toes if she touches mine.

  10. Wow, such a big talker for such a sweet girl! I bet that helps keep William in his place!

  11. Aw, with that face you probably get away with lotsa stuff. How can they confuse a pretty Caroline with Sinatra? Weird shelter beans.
    I'm glad your mommy heard you and brought you home. I think "girls" your age are supposed to be talkers....

  12. Oh, I love toe massages too! Your eyes are pretty.

  13. Caroline you are a lovely lady cat but scared of Olivia?

  14. I do that too......fall makes Daddy laugh real hard.


  15. Caroline you are furry pretty girl. Do you really try to bite William's ears?


Wowee meowee.