Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Turn Now.

OK, now it's my turn for Seven Random Facts about me, Olivia. But I'm not going to talk about my kangaroo. That's a very sensitive subject, so I'm not.
  1. I lived at the same shelter as Caroline but I didn't have to yell for my mommy. I just knew she was coming, and there she was! When she came to pick me up after that unfortunate operation when I got that kangaroo, the staff vet told her I was a mouth breather. A mouth breather! That was mean because actually by then I was sick and my little nose was all stuffed up.
  2. When I nap with Mommy, I spend a good deal of time massaging her before I sleep. I use all four of my feet when I do this because know this is most relaxing for her.
  3. Any time Mommy runs water in the kitchen sink, I have to have a drink. No other sink will do.
  4. I answer to my name and my nickname, Oh-wa.
  5. I only like to be pet on my head. If anybody tries to pet me anywhere else, I am compelled to bite–even Mommy.
  6. I have speckly feet with mix-and-match grey and pink toes. I know Mommy loves them but she can only look and not touch.
  7. I'm not that fond of my sister and have to hiss at her regularly. But I love my brother and like to play with him. We give each other baths, too, and it never winds up in a bitefest.
  8. I like to go into closets and cupboards. Sometimes I get stuck in them but William always lets Mommy know. It's not his fault she's sometimes a little slow on the draw.
  9. I always have to keep Mommy company in the bathroom in the morning. It's our special time when I can talk to her without interruption.
  10. When I stretch I extend my back left leg very daintily. Mommy calls this "the Princess Point."
Yes, I know that's ten. But I'm getting a little tired of my screamy sister getting all the attention. And besides, you never know when I'll get the opportunity again.

I like to help Mommy with laundry, too.


  1. You. Are. Gorgeous! Mommy wants to pet your head!

  2. You a real cutie Olivia. The boys see that come hither look and you will have all the mancats over. William may have to fight them off or chaperone you.

  3. Olivia, you are a furry speshul gurl! Our Momma loves my toes too, and most of the time I let her massage them, but sometimes I get really testy when she touches the back ones specially, and I growl and she knows then I mean business!!


  4. Your "princess point" is perfect for a pretty little princess like you, Olivia.

  5. Oh Olivia you are furry pretty and have pretty feets too. If you can keep a secret, we haff kangaroos too (shh!). And we don't like mom touching our feets either.

  6. We think this is the most you have ever been able to say Olivia, and it was very interesting! We are glad you are your momma's cuddle-bug.

  7. Great facts you look very handsome William :)

  8. I liked learning more about you, Olivia! And guess what? I like to climb into closets too. But sometimes I get stuck there for hours! You are lucky to have William to make sure you get out.

  9. That is really nice Olivia. What a good list. You look awfully sweet helping your mommy with the laundry too! "Princess Point" that is cute!
    That was mean of the shelter people to call you a "mouth breather" when you had a stuffy nose! I'm glad your mommy came and got you.

  10. Nice to learn more about you, Olivia. Will you teach me the Princess Point?


Wowee meowee.