Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sleeping Through The Full Moon.

Well, I had an exhausting day.

Mom started the car eons before we left early early this morning so I wouldn't freeze in the 14° cold, so while it was at least warm for the ride, it was still dark out. We had to take the long way on more traveled roads because of the continuing icy conditions.

It's weird, but I don't remember a whole lot of the day after that. All I remember is waking up in a cage and my teeth felt funny, I smelled funny, my leg was all shaved and I had something stuck in it that tethered me to some other thing. But I was too tired to worry too much about it and went back to sleep.

It seemed like forever – it was dark again! – but finally Mom came to get me. I was as happy to see her as she was to see me. While Mom took care of business, she got a glimpse of my dental records. I got a special sticker because I'm a special boy! It was bright red and said Medical Alert: WILL BOLT. I think they really meant to write WILLIAM BOLT. last name isn't Bolt. So maybe it was all a big mistake? Mom said, "Oh, honey! Will bolt? Poor tiny boy! I thought I had a bad day, but I guess not."

Anyway, I missed Mom more than food today. Right after I bathed myself thoroughly and had a tiny bite to eat, I got right up on the table and nuzzled and kissed her. And showed her my pearly whites!


  1. Wow, what a day. Just sleep in the moonlight and snuggle with your mum. Plus pictures of those pearly whites. :)

  2. I bet they were supposed to work on that Bill Bolt guy and not you! I bet somebody messed up. Well, I bet you have a nice fresh breath now. Yawn in your Momma's face and give it the true test.


  3. William, I am glad you gots clean teeths now! Do they know you well enough at the doctor's office to call you Will instead of William?

  4. we is glad that you is ok. hope it warms up there for you!

  5. Oh, Wm, I'm so glad to hear that you are OK. It sounds like you had quite an ordeal.

  6. Were furry glad you went home with the right mom. With the labelling error, they could have accidentally sent you home with Mr. and Mrs. Bolt.

  7. Maybe Will Bolt can be your new nickname! Huggy Bear was originally called Bullet because he shot out of the bathroom where we was staying the second the door opened (but Mom didn't think Bullet was a fitting forever name...) Glad to hear your teeth are all pearly again!

  8. Wm! Wm! Do you still have all your teeth? They didn't take any did they?

  9. Feeling well rested today?
    ~Rosemary, Queen of all Naps

  10. Glad to heer effurryfing wuz ok. Mum wuz looking at my teef yesterday an sed she fawt I shud go to see the V E T.An if I haf to go, then Flynn shud go too.

  11. Poor William! What a horrible experience. It sounds like something our Mother would do to us. Please don't give her any ideas!!!! you should put the bite on your mom with you pearly whites!

    Badness and co

  12. You gots pearls?? Lucky William!! Are you saving them for a special girl? I look purrdy good in pearls I fink. I wored the ones from the Chrissmuss tree.

    We saw the filled moon.... what's it filled wiff? Mama said cheese, but that don't sound rite at all! I fink its filled wiff milk, acause its WHITE! I fink cheese is ORNGE!!

    Who is this Will Bolt charickter?? Did they mix yer cages up? I member bein at the place wiff the yellow roof and the ladies in pyjamas and waking up feeling funny too. But when I woked up, I fink parts of me were MISSING! Somebunny call the pleece for me k? I fink they took my hoo ha away. Has that eber happind to YOU William? I fink I'd like it better if I wented to sleep and got somefing given to me instead....



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