Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem.

Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.
~HH Dalai Lama

Grant Us Peace.


  1. Happy Peace Day! it's furry nice ta see so many kitties doing this!

  2. Happy Peace Day! Squillions of Purrs for Peace!

  3. peace to all of us and those we care about

  4. Happy Peace Day William! (and Caroline, Eddie and Olivia)

  5. Just lovely, thanks for sharing such an inspiring post and pledge for peace.

    Huggs, G and the Mitz

  6. Peace be with you always...came via Mimi's Peace Globe...

  7. Peace to everyone; this has been a wonderful day!


  8. A peaceful message from a peaceful cat.

    (Although I don't know if your siblings would agree that you are always peaceful...)

  9. Hey, Squilliam, we saw yur comment at The Crew bout blogrolling not bein any easier than putting in links... here's what Mom says:
    Get the toolbar button for "Blogroll It!". When you visit a blog you want to add, click Blogroll It! and a window opens for you to log into Blogrolling. Then it shows the name of the blog and the address. Make any changes and click OK (or Add or whatever it says), and they are on your list. No logging into Blogger, looking at the template, or republishing the site. Click, Click, Click... Done.
    Now I don't understand why they can't identify duplicate links! Computers are REALLY good at that sort of thing!
    And to answer the Crew's question, the Blogrolling script goes inside the Drop Down code very nicely. My problem is, my drop down colors are bad and everything I try is worse!
    Peace, William!


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