Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Thanks to Petey, and Skeezix and Badness, too, for telling me what kind of a birdie Martin is! You guys are so smart! (And Petey, you're so lucky to have a huge staff!) Now, wouldn't it be great if that eggshell we found on the ground over the weekend is part of his family? That would be pretty exciting, although I know he's really just passing through. So probably no tiny speckly birds. I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled for kinda plain tiny birds in a few weeks.

And Boni? Why do you think your mom has Olivia's kangaroo? Is she doing weird things and then blaming the kangaroo? That's what Olivia does. But I don't think your mom has Olivia's actual kangaroo. See?

She's still got it.Posted by Picasa


  1. Squilliam...are you making a rude comment about your sister's saggy belly and what/who she may or may not keep there?

    Boo,! Don't be one of those boys who perpetuate the standards of beauty that make we feminine felines feel badly about ourselves.

    (I know that's not you)

  2. No, Kukka--it's Olivia who claims she has a kangaroo in her, not me. She says when she had her operation at the shelter the doctor put it in her. Personally, I never would have thought about the whole kangaroo thing.

    We just kinda humor her. It's just easier.

  3. Oh, then that's okay, Squilliam! Women criticize their own bodies all the's when someone else says something that it becomes an issue.

    WHEW! The dysfunctional balance has been restored!

    :)) (That's me, with my double-chin)

  4. You are most welcome Wm., we're all avid birders at my house and we're happy to help the avianly challenged of the world.


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