Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Secret Crush.

OK, I'm doing this only for Mitzi, so probably no one else should read this.
  • My name means "determined protector."
  • I'm not much of a talker. I'm the strong silent type, even if I am kinda little.
  • You have to get very very close to me to hear me purr because I have a very tiny purr.
  • My tail stands straight up when I walk and sometimes it curls at the end, like a question mark. I also have a tiny bend at the very end because my biological sister was all squishing me when we were in the womb.
  • When I nap I dream of a certain silver girl.

Hi Mitzi. Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh no, Ginger! You know you are my true true love.

  2. there's alot of miserable lady cats in the 'sphere today Wm.

  3. Oh Willy, darling Willy....I knew you felt like I do. And I am NOT willing to share so stop quivering Ginger!!!

    Headbonks and slurpy licks ;)

    The Mitz

  4. That is furry nice William. I am just learning to hold my tail high

  5. ya didn't say DON'T read it... ya only said PROLLY SHOULDN'T an so we did (hey, that Mitzi's a purrty one)

  6. I read it. Does that mean I'm going to explode now? Please say no.

    Sounds like this Mitzy is really into you, William. You go, stud!

  7. We will have to call you William the Heartbreaker, instead of William the Tiny Boy.


  8. Your tail says you are a happy cat William. But fast becoming a heart breaker as well. hehe. Carefuly by buddy, you will have all sorts of kitties crying over you.

  9. Wm...fanks for the good ideas fur helpin' Mimi. Momma would do that, but Mimi is in Texas and we're in Colorado.


Wowee meowee.