Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Rain At My House Today.

My pond in the backyard has kinda dried up, so I don't think any fishies or frogs will come live with us, at least for now. The rain was in other parts of the state today.

I don't mind so much about the pond. All the recent rains made our trees very happy, which is very good. Not so good, it also woke up all the weeds. In fact, Mom was out there with the mower this evening trying to make them go away. And do you know what? She was out there with her little radio with the ear things, singing again!

Inside is one thing, but this is getting pretty embarrassing. What if somebody heard?


  1. The weeds are our house are terrible, but mom has been sicky for a long time and has not been able to get them all.

  2. Yes, Wm., I know what you mean about how our parents can embarass us. I'm always worried the neighbors will ask me questions about why my Mom & Dad are so weird! Could I answer without seeming like an ungrateful son?


  3. Squilliam, I've read in Rolling Stone magazine that your mom is considered an "upcoming star."

    When does her new CD hit stores? I want to hear that bird tweet!

  4. William, singing is an expression of joy. so don't be embarassed, be glad that she's feelin' good enough to belt it out - it's a good thing.

  5. Oh most of our weeds have died, except for the ones with little yellow flowers. In fact, there are more of those than there is grass any more. Parents are so embarrassing though, it's true.

  6. That's what the ear thingys are for ... so nobody can hear.

  7. Goodness, you should definitely say something to her so she doesn't embarass you further! This is horrible! Out of curiosity, did you catch what she was singing?

    I only ask because perhaps you could tape her and then use it as blackmail later on for treats!


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