Sunday, June 04, 2006

Turned Tables.

So Mom's got this secret thing going with my bro now. For the third day in a row she's fed him my favorite food on earth, baby food! Also, I saw the stuff she brought home from hunting, and a bunch of it was baby food. This is a treat we usually only get on our birthdays or if we're not feeling well.

Mom said the reason why Eddie is getting baby food is because he needs to stop eating dry food for a while and if he got canned food at some other time than dinner and we didn't, we wouldn't let him eat his. I suppose that's true. So maybe that's why she feeds him right out of the jar with his special Lion King spoon and tells us not to bug.

But still. When he was wolfing down a whole jar of ham and gravy by himself I just wanted a taste. Just a taste! So I was all headbutting him and giving him brotherly nuzzles and stuff. Then, just when I thought I could, I tried to get a lick off the jar edge. Do you know what he did? He hissed right at me!

I guess he's still not over my getting all trollified the other day.


  1. Dude! You should totally get some of that baby food! Whether you need it or not!

    I wonder why senor cheeseburger s saying "WTF?" Has he never read a cat blog before?

  2. Sounds like Eddie needs some special TLC right now, Squilliam. I'll bet, if you ask nicely, your mom would give you special attention outside of the time she is spending with Eddie. I're too cute to be ignored!

    Senor Cheesburger needs some hefty dental work. I should refer him to my vet...

  3. I think you should get something too. It's only fair. Humans should not play favorites

  4. i wonder what's wrong with Eddie that he can't eat dry food? i think you should at least get a little taste though. and your Mom does know he needs regular cat food too 'cause he needs the taurine they put in it, right? baby food is just for treats or for real sick cats who refuse to eat anything else.

  5. Another funny word....trollified!!!

    And who is that man senor cheeseburger? I think I will get a big tail!!

    Patches Lady


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