Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Turn Now.

It's me, Caroline!

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OK, late this afternoon Eddie had to go to the cat fix-it place and had to get into the troll box to do that. Well, he and Mommy were gone about an hour and we were all starving waiting for dinner and everything and then Mommy and Eddie-in-the-troll-box came home. Well, you know what happened. It happens every time.

Mommy got dinner ready for us right away, but William! He was in full troll mode, just for a change. He was hissing and growling and making all kinds of noise. Mommy had to put Eddie's dinner in another room just so my poor big big brother could eat in peace!

I think that made William even trollier. He hissed and growled at Mommy!




  1. Full troll mode, that is the funniest thing ever!! Momma says she needs to write that one down in her list of werds....

    Patches Lady

  2. Maybe Squilliam is having his "time of the month." I hear that cranky stuff isn't just for human women anymore!

  3. Oh Caroline! What's wrong with your big brother (and my sweetie pea) Eddie? Did the vet at the cat fix-it-place fix Eddie? Is he barfing more? Hope he gets to feeling well very very very soon. Sending purrs and headbutts to my handsome Eddie.
    Love to all,
    Shilgiah the cat who can't blog because her mom is too cheap to buy her a computer.

  4. Maybe there was a smell on the box that he didn't like. After all I am sure there are lots of different kitty smells at the VET

  5. Fings were different thats why he was confused and was makin nasty noises.

  6. poor William. poor Eddie. poor Caroline. poor Mom. poor Oliva. life is just very taxing sometimes. hope things are quieted down now.

  7. My goodness! I didn't think Eddie being a landscaper was that big of a deal. I hope William can move forward through all of this.

  8. Sounds like SOMEONE needs a "time-out". It's never a good idea to hiss and growl at mom's....they don't like it furry much. Believe me....I know ~Kiara

  9. No, growling at mom's is never a good idea, but we wonder if William was being a very sensitive dutiful protector of "all" and sensed some evil bugs were on that box. He may have saved you all from dire circumstances only to get squirted as his reward. -- Charlie

    Uh, she comes up with THESE kind of stories at our house too. -- Alberta, Sky and Blackie


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