Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It Happened Again.

My favorite toy, stuck on my footie again. I can't seem to help not getting my claws stuck in it.

Off, off, off! Posted by Picasa

(Oh yeah. And see all the white stuff on the chair? Mom wrapped tape sticky-side-out because I couldn't seem to help not getting my claws stuck in that either.)


  1. I hate when that happens, and then you have to make the "Puss-N-Boots eyes" to get the human pet so she can take it off of your claw.

  2. Even the most manly of toms get mani/pedis, Squilliam! As long as you stick to clear nailpolish, you will remain as masculine as ever.

    Plus, the claw hooks that stick in your toys will be gone!

    I like a well-manicured tom...

  3. I hate it when that happens! And it does happen all the time. Even when I have a pedicure and everything it can happen if you hold it just so.

  4. Shake it! Shake it really hard William and shmaybe it'll come off! I loves those squishy balls.
    Know what I like to do to that sticky tape? Lick it. Does that make me weird? Momma always says loud words at me when I do that...

  5. Oh Squilliam, you looks so furry cute with your litte toy on your paw.

    shake, shake, shake. keep on shaking.

  6. Too cute... we do our own foot-work here too!


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