Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bill Gates, Listen Here.

1. We have Albuquerque in common.
2. We're both named William (although I would never answer to the name "Bill").
3. Neither of us wants me to get all trollified.

OK, so here's the deal. It took all weekend and every night–including three system restores–to get this stupid thing sort of working. If it weren't for the fact that I have extensive experience doing PC support, I don't know what my mom would have done. Well, she would have pulled out all her hair and gone bald, is what. Bald! And you know what? I'M NOT THAT THRILLED, BILL.

So I think you need to send me and my mom a squillion dollars. Or maybe even more than that. And maybe then I'll get mad only at Steve Ballmer who bounces around all distracted from one place to another like my cuckoo sister Caroline, by the way. Don't you find that just a little weird?


  1. Mommy said bad words bout that Bill person too. I thinks he should send yall a couple squillion dollars. *kitty nods*
    ~~ Sanjee
    (and the gang)

  2. And this is a new computer? He owes you more than a squillion, William.

    What a dork he is!

  3. Are you sure he's not getting back at me because of what happened between the two of you, Kukka? Hmmm.

  4. Yes, Kukka--I think you could be a bit biased. Bill was quite cordial to me once Melinda finally sat him down with me.

    However, more importantly William, I wanted you to know that not getting stuck on the counter is one of the pointers in my book: Cats on the Counter: A Feline Guide to Human Control

  5. A think a squillion should just about cover the aggravation. Just about.
    ~ turtle

  6. Exactly what happens to you when you get all trollifed? Does your tail get all poofy and your back arches and you growl? That is what happens to me.

    Patches Lady

  7. Ohhh, my mum sympathises with your mum. Our home computer is still pretty new but it is fine. But at the school where my mum works she is the teacher in charge of ICT, which means whenever one of the school computers stops working she gets moaned at about it and she gets really sick of it! This week the server has died and now none of the school network computers will print or anything. My mum says she's going to be ringing the engineer all next week!

  8. Oh poor William. Losing time your mum could have spent with you. Mum uses some of that stuff but says she hasn't ever had problems with her 'puter. Hope it isn't really hardware related.

  9. Forget the squillion Wm--ask for shares in Microsoft. That will pay off forever....~Poiland Financial Advisers

  10. it hurts my head to even THINK of someone of your caliber answering to "Bill".......

  11. The boy once told me, "Dad fixes puter. Mom breaks puters but Dad fixes them." Mom didn't like that an said the puter broke acuz of soft wear an she fixes them too.
    BUT one time, her puter was broked a whole week cuz she tried to put Bill's Money on it. She spent efurry evening trying different fings to fix it an had to edit the register an efurryfing.

  12. I think a squillion dollars squared would be fair, William. My mom calls him "Uncle Bill" and she doesn't look too happy when she is discussing him. She says that "Uncle Bill" has too many back doors into our 'puter. She must be goofy -- I can't find any doors on the back of our 'puter. So I hope you get squillions and squillions of dollarses, William!



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