Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On Watch.

For about a week all my birds must have been on break too. Oh, once in a while I'd see a dove or two, but the rest were just not here. Mom even got a new thistle feeder for my finch friends and still no one came by. And my friends the Squirrels? I don't know where they went either.

Well, my birds are finally trickling back, but it's still not like it used to be. And not only that, it's been ages since Mrs. Squirrel and I played a game of canasta.

I sure hope it isn't Caroline's new boyfriend scaring them away–you know the one. He's been visiting regularly. Sometimes he just sits on our back wall and moons at my sister or sits on our shed roof and moons at my sister, but sometimes he comes right on to the patio and hangs out like we're all buds. Why, just the other evening Mom found him resting bold as you please on that new bench she and I put together but wouldn't let me help paint. And there's Mr. Blue Bell, all stretched out like he lives here! Right on OUR FRONT PORCH.

I told him to go home.

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  1. Brach wanted to post a comment when I told him your post was on "birds." The problem is, when he heard the word "birds," he took to the window and began chirping.

    I think he has A.D.D.

    So, are Monsieur Testes and Caroline officially "dating" now? I want to know in case People Magazine calls me for a comment...

  2. The birdies are fun to watch...wish I could get a whola one to play wif.


  3. William, When do the hummingbirds get here? The mother got us some hummingbird feeders but she doesn't know if it is the right time to put them out.

    I LOVE watching hummingbirds. Hopefully, they will get my mind off the DOG.

  4. Badness,

    Mom said she saw a couple the other day, but I've never seen one since we moved to this place. She said they never came by to the feeders she put out even though they were far enough away where we wouldn't scare them. Where we used to live we had a big mimosa tree outside our living room window and we had tons of hummingbirds! I miss that!

    But she says she doesn't think it's too early for your mom to put the feeders out.

  5. I seen a birdie fly right past my nose up to the roof of the house and then he starts bangin on the roof. I waited an waited for him to fly away coz I didn want him to peck the roof apart! The other birdies just eats and then flys away.

  6. Huh, what a nerve. I think you should definitely make it clear WHOSE garden it is. I have the same trouble with Evil Intruder Kitties who waltz through my garden (unless I am out there in which case I chase them away, hah hah).

  7. They're starting to come back here too. Mostly its seagulls and pidgeons but I heard a robin and a red-winged blackbird too


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