Sunday, April 30, 2006

In The Closet.

So Olivia claimed the kangaroo made her do it, even though she was the one who got stuck. It happened when Mom got that noisy little machine out of the closet to clean up kicked-out cat litter–not that it ever bothers us–when the kangaroo apparently said, "Olivia, go in that closet. You know you want to."

And the silly goose, she did.

Well, Mom put the noisy little machine away after a few minutes. Of course, I knew Olivia was now stuck in there so I sat in front of the closet door and looked at Mom. And do you know what she said? "I'm going out for a little while, babies." And she LEFT.

I said, "Wait! You haven't done a cat check! Olivia's stuck in the closet!" But it was too late. So we waited and waited and waited for hours and hours and hours. OK, maybe it was more like a half an hour, but it sure seemed like forever! When Mom came home, we all met her at the door like we usually do, all except Olivia. So Mom went looking for her.

In the meantime, I resumed my post in front of the closet door but Mom still didn't get it. Finally Olivia answered in this little innocent baby voice after Mom called for her 90 times, and Mom discovered her on a shelf in the closet. "The kangaroo made me," Olivia said. And Mom looked at me and said, "William, why didn't you tell me your sister was stuck in there?"

You know, if we hadn't done this once before when the kangaroo made Olivia hide in Mom's closet, I could almost understand. But this is the second time.



  1. Well my dad shut Josie in the closet this morning. Maggie tried and tried to tell mom about Josie, but Mom just thought that she wanted to play. Then Mom realized that Maggie was telling her somebody was in the closet. Dad just couldn't believe it was Josie. He said she nevers goes in there...well Dad, you were wrong! (But Josie was fine. She was just having kittycat naptime in the closet where Maggie couldn't pounce her.)


  2. The bean HAVE to do a cat check. that way I won't get stuck in the people's litter box room, and Olivia won't get stuck in the closet. It's just WRONG. - Miles

  3. William you did a great job, your Mom just wasn't payin' 'ttention.

  4. What a good little cat you are! Even though your mama didn't get it right away, you tried and tried to tell her.

    You deserve treaties! And a lot of loving!

    Both from mama and Olivia!

  5. Mom locked me in the pantry last night... but she knew it. She thought she would teach me not to go in there but I just started knocking things down. I think if you enjoy your time and make a mess they remember to look for you.

  6. I get asked that question, too...."Why didn't you tell me??" Really!! I mean, we try don't we?


  7. I can not believe the woman tried to blame you when she was clearly not receiving your "Olivia-is-stuck-in-the-closet" messages!

    I've gotten stuck in the vacuum closet before. Fun at first, not so much after a few minutes.

    I think our mothers need retraining, Squilliam!

  8. They are pretty thick headed most of the time.

  9. I think I know which kangaroo has been encouraging Olivia...

    William, I will post my clandestine information later this evening. Perhaps it is nothing more than a burnt trail, but it possibly could be a lead. I will let you decide.

  10. It is so frustrating when they just won't listen. And to think that if your Mom had listened to you, Olivia and the kangaroo could have been out of there before she left. *Sigh* 'beans ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  11. You have to start practicing Zeus's training method. Princess Mia tried it and it took 17 times for her bean mom to understand. Maybe your mom needs lessions in understanding cat.

    After Grampie shut me in the closet once and mum another time, Mum always checks for me.

  12. Always ALWAYS check the closet.

    Boo was in our closet and Momma nearly lost her mind thinkin' she was outside in the dark wanderin' around. She even boo hooed when Jinx told her( like WM) that Boo was in the closet and OK.

    *ABBY(what are those beans thinkin?)

  13. Our mom does a cat check like 5 times every day. All because my sissyfur Sooner sneaks into the bedroom and pees on the bed. Now we all have to suffer.

  14. I have posted the picture of the perp, William. When you have a moment, see if you can give us confirmation.

  15. I'm not telling if Victor gets stuck, no sir-ee. But my people don't get it when I want my treats. I've stared at the cupboard, pawed at the door, and even tried their language with a loud, "Nnoooowwwww." But they don't get it. I swear, training beans is a lifetime project.


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