Monday, March 06, 2006

Party Boy.

It's me again, Caroline! Brach and I are taking over our siblings' blogs while they recover from that birthday party of Magoo's. Wow, that must have been some par-tay!

William was still acting pretty weird today, and come to think of it, so was Mommy. Like when she came home for lunch today and found that somebody had gotten into the basket where all the treats are kept. There were two Whisker Lickins cans in the living room with mysterious bite marks on them and a can of Kookamunga treats near the den with mysterious bite marks on it and then, then there was a pouch of Whisker Lickins mysteriously chewed completely open on the kitchen floor and most of the treats missing. Mommy said to William, "What happened here?"

And William said, "I wanted a treat."

And Mommy just picked up the cans but left the open bag on the floor for all of us. Left it! Right there! On the floor!

And William didn't even get scolded or anything. (I was going to tell Mommy that he really really wanted the Kookamunga treats...but now that I got the lowdown from Brach, I bet William was really saying Kukka-Maria, Kukka-Maria!)



  1. She left it on the floor! Lucky you guys!

  2. Caroline it's very nice to meet you. I'm glad you all got to share in the spoils of William's clever exploits!

  3. hmmm, that's very weird of your Mom, is she okay???

  4. That is truly suspicious behavior, indeed! But, I say don't ask questions...just reap the rewards of your mom's temporary insanity!

    As for William, has he mentioned his feelings about Kukka's now-highly-publicized substance abuse problem and subsequent rehab?

    She called me from the clinic last night. She was talking about having to "make ammends" to me for being so bossy! This rehab stint may be good for all of us!

  5. Ohmygosh! She left it on the floor? Wow! And I can't believe it about Kukka, I think she's really in Paris for Fashion Week.

  6. Kukka am one popular kitty, that is for sure.

    We have a basket too, with treats, and other essential kitty stuff, like nail clippers, brushes, toys, harness and leashes.....

  7. he he he, funny. What happen's at Magoo's stays at Magoos.


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