Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Think It's Safe.

I've been hiding from reporters, although I can't imagine why they'd want to talk to a tiny boy like me.

Why, I bet it was them who made a great big old racket last night that got Mom out of bed and made her pretty cranky about it. And it wasn't me who barfed on the couch with all the excitement. Or in the hallway, either.

I've just been minding my own business. And I got some treats all by myself. Because I wanted some.

(Hmmm. I wonder how Moose is doing.)


  1. Me?? William, why are you bringing ME into this? I was never there. I didn't do it. I don't know what you're talking about. It wasn't me!
    ~ moose

  2. You should be commended for you independence. You wanted treats and let your mom sleep while you got them yourself. Good for you!

  3. William is right, dear Moosey. I'm sorry that you and William were mentioned in the official press release, but that is the price of being romantically connected with a celebrity feline.

    I prefer you shut the press down with a stern "NO COMMENT," but I understand if you feel you need to speak freely.

    I'm back from "rehab" now and will have much to say tomorrow about the REAL reason I was "exhuasted."

    Until then, my hearts are with you guys...

  4. maybe we shouldn't have any more parties.........oh wait, i already am planning one for the summer! maybe we need better soopervision

  5. That's funny guys. I hope your mom wasn't too mad WM.

  6. If you need a place to hide out let me know. Mum justed got a new big bag of food.

    Not likely to be looking for celebs in my quiet section of the world.

  7. meow!! you spanish is so good..congratulation!!! my english is so poor =^^=


Wowee meowee.