Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Was Here Last Night.

But for some reason, Mom wasn't. She said she was having dinner with an old friend who was in town from some place called Kentucky. I don't know where that is. Maybe Eddie does, since he's traveled way more than I have, but I'll have to get Mom to show me on a map. I don't think I even have any cat pals from Kentucky. Do I?

Anyway, she didn't get home until late late late. We were all excited to see her so we ran all around and chased each other and roughhoused a little until our tails were all puffed out and we knocked over a stool in the kitchen bouncing off and on it. But I think Caroline was the most upset on missing out on Mom time in the evening. She cried for eons after Mom went to bed. Cry cry cry. What a baby.

Everything's back to normal tonight. Except that Mom wants to go to bed early. But that's OK, though. At least we know she's here with us.


  1. it's always best when Mom is home. it makes things feel all right with the world.

  2. An EARLY BEDTIME?! I don't suppose she has a curfew, though...

    Moms can be so bossy sometimes. Like because they "allow" us to live with them and they "buy" us food, treats and toys...that gives them the right to boss us around?

    Kukka's Mom: Yes.

  3. Hey William. Got your comment about the barf bag. That's a good idea! HAHA!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Eddie. Sorry we missed the big day, but our mom can be pretty irresponsible. But I guess they all have their moments.

    You know what's fun to do when your mom goes to bed early? Each of you lie all around her on the bed. That way she is pinned under the covers! Then lie back and watch the fun as she squirms in her sleep. Good times!

  5. I am glad your mum is with you William. I am getting worried because I just heard my mum and dad talking and apparently my mum is going away for a few days to stay with my auntie. But it's not too bad because dad is staying with me and he gives me more food than she does!! He is not so good with the cuddles and scritches as my mum though.

  6. Sounds like there will be some extra cuddle time. Edsel is right, when Mom is around all things are right with the world, the universe in fact!!

  7. yes, I miss it when mum does not get home on time or has to go out. I miss our snuggle and scrithes time.


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