Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Getting Busy.

So to add to things, after we'd all gone to bed I guess Mom kept hearing someone crying, like someone was stuck in a closet or something. I heard her call out at one point, "Who's crying?" but nobody answered. Finally she got up to check on us. We were all sleeping because it was very very late, past midnight.

She finally figured out that it was coming from outside. She looked out a window and just saw the dark outline of a cat running along the back wall. So she went back to bed.

Then not long after it really started. Oh, it was terrible! Screeching and yelling and all sorts of noise. This got all of us pretty upset and we all tried to investigate. Mom even got up again. She said it was nothing we should get excited about and that it would stop soon. But it went on for about an hour!

I wanted to know what was going on. She just shook her head and said something about careless owners and two cats getting busy, and I thought, What? I said, "We don't make that kind of noise when we get busy." And she said, "It's a different kind of busy, William. I don't think you'd understand because you're a seedless tiny boy."

So my bird friends won't try to nibble on me. What has that got to do with anything?


  1. I think it's rude of them to make so much noise even if they were busy doing something. They should be sleeping when everyone else is, and doing whatever during the day when everyone else is busy doing stuff. How rude!

  2. hmmm, my Mom was complainin' the other day 'bout some grapes that had seeds, but i don't think the birds eat those either. i'm not sure what that means.....i'll ask my Mom when she gets home from work tho

  3. My mom told me that in the summer, when she was about 12 years old, two neighbor cats thought it was a good idea to "get busy" right outside her bedroom window. They howled and howled. Her dad went outside to scare them off. When he came back inside, she asked, "Were they fighting, Daddy?"

    "Uh...yup." he replied.

    Maybe "getting busy" = FIGHTING!

  4. ohmygosh! How rude. I don't understand why they have to be so noisy. very strange.

  5. William,
    I lived on the mean streets for a while before being taken in, and lemme tell ya - you don't wanna know anything about gettin busy. It was no fun at all, and I can't tell you how glad I am to have a responsible loving Mom to feed me, and help move Moose from my sunspots (hint hint, Mom). You are lucky too. That's because we are beautiful black kitties, which is the best kind of kitty to be.
    ~ turtle

  6. Maybe they were singing? Some sort of cat choral society outside your house? Or maybe they were just really really 'cited about something? I don't think you should worry too much about it William, some cats are just weird.

  7. It's good the birdies won't nibble on you William. Birdies are for US to nibble on.


  8. Sounds like your Mom was beating around the bush (this is what my Mom says)....maybe looking for birds in the bush....only thing little me can think of...I bet Mistrie would know.....I will go aks her......

  9. out of the mouths of babes, or cats too, come some of the darndest things.
    There very well could be some new little monsters looking for homes sometime soon. But, I am beating around the bush too.


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