Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slower Than Dirt.

This is what's going on now with my––I mean Mom's––computer. So I had her download all kinds of things to update other things and this should make things better. Or something. I don't get it––I'm a tiny boy cat, for crying out loud. It's not my job to keep the pc all up-to-date. I think she should just buy me a new one and get into the 21st century already.

Anyway, I'm liking all the suggestions I got about those icky bird-nest-destroying kids. I haven't decided what strategy to employ, but I am leaning toward the use of Caroline. Hahahaha! Boy, that would be fun!

And my mom wanted me to say something about an impeccable lady who passed today. "Goodbye, Mrs. King. Thank you for everything."


  1. And you am a furry handsome boy cat! You can pee in my litter box anytime....Oh strike that..Mom says that is a naughty unlady like thing to say!

  2. wow, and dirt's pretty slow from what i've seen. we got a new computera year ago and it's out of date already too. i keep tellin' my Mom she needs to get another job or somthin' to buy me updates of everythin' i need WHEN I NEED THEM. tell your Mom that too.

  3. *nods* Byebye Mrs. King. My Mommy says she was a great lady.

    Want me to loan you a whip to make the puter go faster? I can get one from... oh wait, Mommy says not to tell tales. Well, I'll loan it to you if ya want.

  4. Annie (my Maine Coon fluff ball) turned on the announcer on my laptop when I got up to pee one day- I almost called her back to ask her to turn it off- it took me a while. I didn't even know the thing had an announcer!


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