Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Divine Miss C.

So maybe I've left a few comments on my friends' blogs about my sister Caroline. And maybe I've referred to her as screechy. Well, she does screech, especially at dinner time. Mom even tries to shush her, but nothing works.

Well, I heard her tell Mom tonight that she has to make that much noise because really she's practicing for American Idol. And that really she's giving us a recital.

A recital! Where on earth does she get ideas like this?


  1. It's nice that she's singing, but it sounds like she needs some more practice.

  2. HEHEHE, well, if she screeches then she has a great chance of winning!!

  3. Better tell her to watch out for that Simon guys. He's a mean human. I bet he doesn't have any kitties.

    ~ moose

  4. my sister Casey is like that, very loud, whereas i am soft and choose my words wisely

  5. We wonder what that sounds like? Is she a shameless little beggar too?

  6. Blame the TV. It puts all sorts of ideas in heads, prevents 24/7 feeding of stinky goodness.


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