Sunday, December 18, 2005

We Begged And Begged.

I was telling Eddie and Olivia and Caroline how lots of my friends suddenly had trees inside their houses. Eddie told me that before me we did the same thing but it's been a long time since we did. He also said it was probably because somebody seemed a little too rambunctious that we didn't anymore. I can't imagine who that would be.

Anyway, I told Mom ninety times that if we got one I wouldn't bite it or try to climb it or anything. In fact, we all did. We were very good this weekend. And you know what happened? When Mom went out to get parts to replace the lamp Olivia broke, she said she found the definitive tree for us! Mom said it looks a lot like the real trees she used to get because she'd always pick out the most pathetic one on the lot since she figured no one else would give it a home. I don't know what pathetic means, but if it means a thin little tree with no low branches, then I guess she's right.

I helped her put it up! It's all sparkly with lights. We didn't put any cat toys on it but instead berry garlands. Those look good enough to bite but they're pretty high up. And those little pine cones look pretty good too, but those are also pretty high up. And I promised I wouldn't do anything to it.

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  1. That is a very pretty tree! I like the simple decorations.

  2. Doesn't look pathetic to me! It's all sparkly and chewy looking!

  3. That's a very cute tree! And you better keep that purromise Willliam!

  4. It's a beautiful little tree, William. It looks kind of like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree after everyone realized the true meaning of Christmas.

  5. Congratulations, Wm. on taking a stand in favor of a tree! Persistence pays off once again.

  6. it's a lovely tree! don't bite it or bother it, remember just to admire it. (we don't have a tree. i'm mad at my Mom)


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