Monday, December 19, 2005

Food And Other Fun Things To Bite.

OK, so I really tried. I really did. But those little berries on our little tree, they were irresistible! I had to bite them. So when Mom got up this morning and saw what had happened, she took off the lowest garland. She said it wasn't so much that I bit them but that she didn't want me to eat them and then get sick. I suppose that makes sense. Oh, but they were so fun to bite!

I have a dinner update, too. Caroline the reincarnated locust eats on the counter (but not with Olivia's chicken), Olivia the little eating machine dines on top of the refrigerator (yes, she loves that spot), Eddie and I eat in the normal place (like normal boys). And Mom keeps watch. We pretty much all get to eat now!

Oh, and Mom promises she's going to get out my Secret Paw package tomorrow!

I'm just looking!
(And yes, Mom stabilized our little
tree with bricks, although I have
absolutely no idea why.) Posted by Picasa


  1. where are the presents that go under the tree??? I use them to be able to bite & climb higher in the tree!


  2. The arm of that chair or sofa would make a perfect launching pad for a great jump right to the top!

  3. Eating on the top of the fridge ... why didn't I ever think of that. What a great place!

  4. You have a nice tree. Because of a certain unnamed cat (Egypt) jumps around so much, we have a table top tree. It's pretty but I prefer the big tree.

    (Photos of my new sister Egypt have been posted on our kitty site.)

  5. Mum loves your tree. She wants to go and look for one like it. Says it is high enough so little kitties can't get the stuff on the bottom(but that's the whole point.)

    I like being on top of the 'frig, but mum won't put my food bowl up there. But then I don't have to compete with anyone else for my food.

  6. william, you are very bad, bitin' on your tree like that. but, at least you have a tree.....not like me, treeless in michigan....


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