Sunday, December 11, 2005

Run Of The House.

So Mom stayed home all day Saturday, except that Olivia and Eddie and I had to spend some time in her room by ourselves. I think this was so Caroline could get used to the house and explore without us trying to explore her. I could hear her chatting away with Mom. She's very talkative.

Olivia and Eddie took advantage of being in Mom's room by napping all toasty under the comforter. But me, I only like to nap under the comforter with Mom, and since Mom wasn't with us, I found other ways to entertain myself. I opened some of her dresser drawers and rearranged things until I got bored with that, and then I shredded some carpet in front of the door. That wore me out so then I napped.

Finally we got to come out. We didn't exactly all play together, but there wasn't any fighting or anything. I didn't even act like a troll. Well, maybe I did just a tiny boy bit. I did stretch out in the hallway so she wouldn't be able to get by me. Mom told me not to tease her. "You were new once, too, William," she said. So I let her by.

Getting to know you. Posted by Picasa


  1. YEA, Caroline is out of solitary!! hope you guys all get along. i'm glad you were only a tiny bit a troll.

  2. Try to be as nice to Caroline as you can, 'cause it's tough for her being the "new kid".

  3. Everycat is a little troll-like sometimes . . . but from the picture it looks like you two were playin' kinda nice!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  4. I think she likes you, William! Pretty soon you guys will all be best friends!

  5. Be sure to show her all the good places in the house for napping, playing and just generally causing trouble.

  6. William,

    I thought your mum had given you a permanent time out since you hadn't been blogging.

    Nice that all of you are together now. Treat Caroline well and have lots of fun.

  7. Yeah, you might as well be nice. The new ones don't go away, so there's no point in being mean. Just be a little snarky so she knows who the boss is. And sometimes be nice so she keeps doing the cute thing, 'cause People will give ALL the kitties treats when the new one does the cute thing!

  8. I'm glad everyone is getting along for the most part. I like that the picture shows you getting to know her better. That is very nice of you.

  9. Good job, William! You're tougher than I am -- I just have to be a troll sometimes. I'm an only now so only mom has to put up with me. For some reason, she usually laughs when I patrol the perimeter at warp speed.



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