Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Had Something Important To Say But I Got Distracted.

I found this great gasket to play with!
(OK, maybe I had to look for it.)
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But, see? I had to play with this. Except for the sticky side that kept getting stuck on my little footies, this was a blast!

Until Mom got home from hunting and found me playing with it. I tried to stand really still so she wouldn't see me but it didn't work. And then she hid it in the room we're not allowed in without supervision, the room which used to be mine. MY room. Again the unfairness!

And, oh yeah. I remember now. Today's my one year blogging anniversary!

Aunt M. even sent me a card with
a tiny boy black cat just like me on it,
just for the occasion! See? And it was
addressed just to ME and everything.
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You do a good job. That is so cool and your mom should have let you at least finished playing with it first. And adding insult to injury by putting it in YOUR room! HMPH!

  2. Congratz on the one year! You have a very interesting blog with great photos of your family and your wonderful tiny boy self.

  3. Happy Anniverseary. I only been at this for not even two months. Thanks for being a trail blazer.


  4. Wow, a whole year! That is like 7 bean years!! Happy Anniversary. I have only been at this a week and I need more naps now cuz I get tired out frum thinkin....

  5. William, you do find cool things to occupy your time. congratulations on your anniverserary. you are one of the reasons i started bloggin', you, Max and Timmy.

  6. We agree. You do a great job of blogging. Keep up the good work.


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