Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Caroline's New Bowl.

She wishes! But really she thought she'd help Mom with holiday clean up by licking out the little pot Mom had made queso in. Now me, I love cheese, but I'm very careful with green chile. It makes my tiny tongue catch on fire.

The only time she doesn't talk! Posted by Picasa


  1. I try to do that sometimes but mom usually catches me first. Usually. I really like it when she doesn't!


  2. Your mom better have a big water bowl for Caroline. She'll be plenty thirsty after eating that nacho cheese stuff!

  3. Moms need all the help from us poodins they can get! We are the masters of clean!

  4. You have to watch out for that green chile stuff, and have lots of water just in case.

    (Don't hide the water William, just make it hard to get to. It'll remind her who likes cheese also.)

  5. i think your Mom SHOULD give Caroline that bowl she looks so cute with her little head in it!


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